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Name: Wheat Peptide
Product: Wheat peptide is rich in Glutamate and Arginine, and could be eaten directly as protein supplement. It has been widely used in clinical nutriment, health foods, sport food and other functional ingredients.   Functions: Inhibit rising of cholesterol; Enhance secretion of insulin, improve health of diabetes sufferers; Reducing blood pressure; Enhance immunity; Adjust nerve effectively.   Sensible performance Ashen powder free of any agglomeration, impurity or improper odors; water soluble; no visible impurity or sediment after complete solution   Products technique index:
Moisture,% 8
Total Nitrogen, % 13
As, mg/kg 0.5
Pb, mg/kg 1.0
Hg, mg/kg 0.3
Total Bacteria, cfu/g 30000
Coliform, MPN/100g 40
Pathogen Negative
Mould, cfu/g 50
Yeast, cfu/g 50
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