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Name: Corn Peptide
Product: This product refers to a kind of small molecule peptide substance obtained from the protein extracted from corn by directional restriction enzyme and special small peptide separation techno-ogy. The product has good water solubility and easy absorption. As a natural edible protein it, is safe, reliable and free of any toxic or side effect.   Product Characteristics: Rich nutrition: It contains various amino acids needed by the body and provides quick supplement of nutrition. Reducing blood pressure: It inhibits the activity of angiotens in converting enzyme and therefore helps reduce blood pressure. Reducing the effect of alcohol: It contains rich glutamic acid therefore helps promote metabo-lization of alcohol and reduces the injury from alcohol. Other functions: In addition to the small peptide that reduces blood pressure, it also contains small peptides that help relieve fatigue, protect the liver and improve the immunity of the body.   Product Properties: Light yellow free of any agglomeration, impurity or improper odors; water soluble; no visible impurity or sediment after complete solution.   Products Technique Index:
Moisture,% 7.0
Total Nitrogen, % 10
As, mg/kg 0.5
Pb, mg/kg 0.5
Mercury (as Hg, mg/kg) 0.5
Total amount of bacterium colonies, cfu/g 30000
Bacillus coli, MPN/100g 40
Pathogen Negative
Mould, cfu/g 50
Yeast, cfu/g 50
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