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Name: Yogurt Powder
Yogurt Powder   Product Description:
TianJiao Yogurt Powder  is a high quality, spray-dried, emulsified, white or yellow power mainly made of glucose syrup, Fermented yoghurt stabilizer, Sugar, and probiotics. Widely used in Drink, Beverage, Baking Food, Ice cream and can be drink directly.
It can increase smoothness and yogurt smell for ice cream;
To improve the bake product organizational structure, enable the product contour artistic, and have the gloss;
To improve the quality and special yogurt flavour for dairy foods or beverage;
Regulate gastrointestinal function.
25 kg net weight per craft paper bag with poly bag liner inner.
Store in dry & sheltered warehouse with good ventilation away from strong odors and direct sunlight.
  Shelf Life: 
18 months in original and unopened packaging.
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