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    NameDosage%FunctionRecommended Product
    Cool food 5-15more flavor, soluble, consistent and delicious M26/15            F32K
    Solid drink 5-15more flavor, soluble, consistent and delicious, less cost M26/15             F32K
    Milk powder 5-50Improve taste, less cost M26/15              F32K
    Ice-cream powder 5-50Improve structure, Emulsification and consistency, taste and less cost           M005         M26/15           F32K
    Milk powder for infant 5-15Improve nutritional ingredient ratio and   increase function M26/15    F32K
    Soybean milk5-50Improve the quality, make more   favourable M26/15            F32K

    Suggested application recipe maybe changed according to local preference taste and other requirements. For more product application enquiry, please send us an email